When it comes to securing adequate long-term care coverage, you need a plan that goes further and caters for unknowns, because long-term care can be unpredictable. 

The good news is we’ve got a plan that truly cares and will support you for the long haul. If you hold a CareShield Life or ElderShield policy, you can enhance your coverage with MyLongTermCare or MyLongTermCare Plus for greater financial assurance. 

Premiums of up to S$600 per calendar year per Life Assured can be paid using MediSave1.

Higher monthly payouts for a lifetime

On top of your CareShield Life payouts, choose to receive additional S$200 to S$5,000 per month when you’re unable to perform at least 2 out of 6 ADL2.

Additional support

Receive a Lump Sum Benefit, Rehabilitation Benefit3, Dependant Care Benefit, Caregiver Relief Benefit and Death Benefit.

Premiums waived when it matters

Future premiums are waived for as long as you’re unable to perform at least 1 ADL.

Additional care benefits

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