Extra coverage for your hospital bills

An additional cover that integrates and complements the benefits of MediShield Life to ensure wider and higher hospitalisation and medical coverage.

As charged* coverage

For medical expenses incurred from private or public hospitals including pre and post hospital treatment.

High policy year limit

High policy year limit of up to S$2 million1 for MyShield Plan 1.

Newborn and children benefits

Free cover of up to S$50,000 for newborns2 up to 6 months old and discounted premium rates for children (up to age 20 at next birthday)3.

What’s covered in MyShield

You can choose the plan type depending on the coverage you prefer in your hospitalisation plan.

Ward type and policy year limit

  • As charged* coverage
    For hospital stays in a Private ward, Class A (1 bed) and B1 (4 bed) ward in public and private hospitals depending on the chosen plan type.
  • Up to S$2 million policy year limit for MyShield Plan 1
    If you get a certificate of pre-authorisation via Aviva’s panel of medical specialists.


  • Your yearly renewable coverage is guaranteed for lifetime as long as your policy is in-force.
  • Annual deductibles and co-insurance apply.

Pre- and Post- hospitalisation coverage

  • Pre-hospital treatment4
    Coverage up to 180 days.
  • Post-hospital treatment4
    Coverage up to 365 days for all plan types at restructured and community hospitals.

    For private hospitals, you need to get a certificate of pre-authorisation via Aviva’s panel of medical specialists.
  • Covers treatment received in the Accident and Emergency department
    Within 24 hours prior to your hospital admission.

Inpatient and Outpatient treatments

  • Planned and Emergency overseas inpatient treatment 
  • Major outpatient treatments including chemotherapy and kidney dialysis
  • Extra inpatient benefit for 5 critical illnesses
    Heart attack of specified severity, major cancer7, stroke, end-stage lung disease and end-stage liver disease 
  • Preventive treatment for cancer8
  • Covers hospital admission deposit of up to S$50,000
    Through Letter of Guarantee (eLOG)  at 20 hospitals including private hospitals as listed below.

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