Integrated Shield Plan

Integrated Shield Plan

What is an integrated shield plan?

Integrated Shield Plan consists of 2 parts:

  • Part 1: MediShield Life
  • Part 2: Additional Private Insurance Coverage


MediShield Life

  • MediShield Life covers all Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents
  • Covers you for Life
  • It even covers your pre-existing condition, even if your additional Private (Part 2) Insurance coverage does not cover it.

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If you have an Integrated Shield Plan, it means you already have MediShield Life. As the Integrated Shield Plan is an optional add-on to your MediShield Life, you are not making double payment.


Integrated Shield Plan

There are 36 available Integrated Shield Plans (including MediShield Life) available for you to choose from, the cognitive dissonance is real man. Benefits range from:


Private Hospitals: Standard room and below

Public Hospitals: Class A wards and below

Public Hospitals: Class B1 wards and below

Public Hospitals: Class B2/C wards

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