Be covered against death, terminal illness, and total and permanent disability, with an option to enhance your protection up to 5X


Health Advantage Benefit

Enjoy upfront premium discounts for the first 2 policy years. Continue to enjoy the premium discounts after policy year 2, if you meet our health targets


Upgrade Your Cover

No medical check-up will be needed if you want to increase your coverage at these 4 milestones: Graduation (Tertiary), Marriage, First Home, Parenthood


Critical Illness Coverage Option

Get additional coverage with our range of critical illness riders that pay a lump sum or waive your future premiums in the event that critical illness strikes1


Financial Flexibility

Accumulate policy cash value3 while enjoying coverage. Option to convert the cash value from your policy into annual payouts4, over 10 years, with additional 5% interest


Retrenchment Benefit1

If you or your spouse is retrenched and unemployed for 30 days or more, 6 months of your premiums will be waived while coverage continues

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