Here’s how Enhanced IncomeShield complements your MediShield Life coverage.

  • Increase your policy’s yearly claimable amount from $100,000 (with MediShield Life) to up to $1,500,000 to combat the high medical costs in Singapore.

  • Enjoy as-charged coverage for eligible inpatient[3] and outpatient[3]  hospital treatment expenses.

  • Choice to upgrade your ward entitlement up to a private hospital with 1-bedded room (generally felt to be more comfortable).

  • Pay for premiums using up to $900 (per insured person per year) from your MediSave account.

Enjoy these additional benefits.

  • Reimburse pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses[3][4] incurred for eligible medical treatments up to 100 days before and after hospitalisation.
  • Access to a panel[5] of trusted medical specialists, practitioners and preferred partners[5] for your medical care.
  • Reimburse for emergency inpatient hospital treatment expenses[3] while overseas.
  • Waive hospital deposits with a Letter of Guarantee[6].
  • Reimburse treatment expenses[4] incurred up to 180 days before and 365 days after hospitalisation if the inpatient hospital treatment is provided by our panel[5] and paid for under the Enhanced IncomeShield Preferred plan.

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